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'Rina Rules - Very old slogan. This picture was for my first website (Kirby centric but like a really early Creative Worlds).

...something Poke Tales based - On same website as above. It kinda uses Poke Tales characters, inspired by an actual event in the series.

Nido sketch - Same website.

VERY early "Nido-san" - Still referred to as Patrick's Nidorina. Later to be used in Poppistar Universe.

VERY early concept of AU Nidorino - Also used in Poppistar Universe later on.

Some Nidoran Fan Page fan art:

Nidoran Female    • Tennis    • Males vs Females debate*      • Males vs Females results

Nidoran F.P. forum buttons:

New Topic      • New Poll      • Add Reply

N.F.P. gifs:

Nidoran Male      • Slash

Things I put in forum signatures:

Nidorina Head      • Nidorino Head

Old Aqua Bunny Logo - The iconic Nidorina wasn't really part of the identity like it is now.

Old "email me" pixel art - I wonder if anybody used this.

* Like the articles here, there was a summary of which Nido was better in battle between each stages counterpart. Seeing as Nidoran Female and Nidorina had more statistical benefits, they came out on top, but Nidoking trumped Nidoqueen. This was the accompanying artwork.

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