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About Aqua Bunny | For the Whole Nido Family | Why Nidorina? | A Family Site | History

The name Aqua Bunny is literally a very vague and generic description of Nidorina, but isn't meant to be taken as the absolute description, as she is neither aqua nor a (100% pure) rabbit. But the name seemed very catchy and it didn't out and out tell you it was a Nidorina site (I decided to be clever that way). Too bad at the time I registered the name I didn't think about Azumarill or adult products. Whatever.

Aqua Bunny started small, an open repository where I could add whatever I wanted, and others were free to do so. I wanted to spread the Nido love, so I often encouraged it. Plus, it was always nice to see somebody ELSE'S take on the Nidos and not just mine all the time. This went on for a while, and along with additions like gifs, games, comics, and even an oekaki (temporarily), it helped make things good, but not great, as I would learn later.

The site needed a both a revision and a re-vision, as it was both cluttered and didn't seem very inspired anymore. I decided to totally pay a tribute to my younger self, and everything I stand for by going all out. Feeling that Aqua Bunny as an art archieve was no longer acceptable, it was time to make it a site all it's own, much in the way that Nidoran Fan Page was. I had boasted Nidoran Fan Page as being the end all to be all of Nidoran fansites, with everything and anything you ever wanted to know about them. A site where you could enjoy and have fun with the characters in question. That idea is what became Aqua Bunny as you see it, closer to a spiritual successor to Nidoran Fan Page than the original Aqua Bunny was.

Call it childish, but even the mild success of Aqua Bunny, still thriving to this day, is like a dream come true. It's not because I'm obsessed with some silly fictional critters, but it was more of a long fight, one to prove that creativity and originality are extremely important factors to do anything great at all.


Link to Nidoran Fan Page via Internet Archive - Only a broken splash can be retrived, but it proves existance.

Link to old repository Aqua Bunny via Internet Archive - Some people may remember this version.

Scan of a very rough plan for Nidoran Fan Page

Hidden coming soon message for repository Aqua Bunny - No one saw this unless they were snooping around.

Brief coming soon message for current Aqua Bunny - Based on the concept that current Aqua Bunny was supposed to use Nidorina & Nidorina as hostesses*. Axed it because it felt contrary to this being a family site.

*Further info: Aqua Bunny as you see it was supposed to have 3 selectable layouts, classic felt like the old one (but optimized), contemporary which would look clean, and Navi which had characters all over in a fun way. It proved cumbersome, and the current design is a mixture of contemporary and Navi, using the category art as background images. Have you ever noticed them yet?

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  Established December 13, 2006
Revised August 31, 2009
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