Love-Love Monster

Love-Love Monster was going to be a sort of communication simulator where you talk to and help various Aqua Bunny characters across a few series. At the end, you'd play a date-like game inspired by both WarioWare and Black's Dice Fortress from Gunstar Heroes. It was meant to be sort of a spiritual successor to the WarioWare DIY: High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack, and sort of a played straight, expanded version of the microgame Sakura Skies. Production came to a stop when Flash couldn't handle the weight of of the project, as well as the fact that trying to handle the entire sound production myself (including sound effects) proved to be too much. It was definitely unoptimized compared to Rhythmic Pop'n, and I don't have it in me to work on it anymore when I have other projects that require my attention.

Here was the motif I wrote that Love-Love Monster would have used in many of its songs. This song wasn't made for the game and wouldn't have played in it, and was solely meant for promotional purposes.

Below you can download a trial double pack, which allows you to try both the core game and the date board game.