Aqua Bunny: 14th Year Anniversary

Do I even need to explain this one? Contextually you can put it together based on the 13th Anniversary image. Speaking of which, I thought that was this year. I had it in my head to do something based on "unlucky" 13 but I think this may have been a better illustration in the end.

Since I have to write as if people from the future'll find this site, basically, year 14 started with me rebuilding the site... then things went very wrong about halfway in. Only down to the wire in the last month of 2020 did I resurface without having to do it all over again-again-again-again! I would say that in this month alone I've made up for lost time, but a lot of the content was supposed to be posted much earlier. Hopefully 2021 works out more to my favor with minimal issues, and hopefully none that put me into a tailspin. Year 15 has GOT to be better than the last few have been.

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