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Heh, these guys look way different than they did back in the BFF comic, and oddly a lot more western than Japanese hair stylists (maybe they moved there to work abroad?). Then again, both versions beat out the stick figure variations in the original.

Clarification: Vulpix's hair is braided into what's called Kinky Twists, seeing as I'm not going to spend all day drawing hair all too accurately. Vulpix and Nidorina were not caught in Johto, and I've always had it since the original series that Nidorina would be based on a Caucasian American/white young adult and Vulpix as an African American/black nine year old, and every other Pokemon is basically Japanese (except Bellsprout and Bulba for certain). Why? I dunno, but it shapes the development of the characters a bit.

Poor Haunter. The Pointless Poke Battles 1,2 and 4 strips are more or less exact. 3 had to be changed, with the only similar panels being the first two. A ghost using Take Down of all moves, let alone a physical attack at all in a battle of the dreariest made no sense, nor did the outcome (History Lesson: this was before Charlotte was expanded much upon, so Umbreon seemed to have the Charlotte-esque ability of "you can't touch me" as well. This is no longer the case). I can now honestly say that PPB3 is a real battle of the bleak.

You see Coke around a lot in AU (and Struck by the Rain), so now's as good a time as any for a brief history. Coke is my unofficial mascot for Coca-Cola, and comes from the Cool Spot series, which is probably my oldest referenced comic series, dating back to like 1993 or 1994, when Cool Spot was on the Sega Genesis, so if you thought some other characters on this site were as old as time... If Spot is an animated plastic logo, then Coke is an animated bottle cap. Mouser is also a part of this series. Seeing as AU was a mishmash of game series, in jokes and comic series up to that point between friends, Coke needed no explanation. Anyway, he's used in AU moreso than Spot because he's a rather unique character. He's aiming for a career in science (most likely a chemist), and is very very smart, but he's also very sociable and active, and is a bit of an outdoorsman, so he goes against a lot of the other "nerd" characters. Spot's just a mischevious jerkass, and that role's filled by a lot of other characters in AU. Mouser, being an abandoned baby mouse, is the product of both of their natures, which is why he's an intellgent brat.

And that's Coke (and other Spot characters) in a nutshell, and why he's used a lot in AU.

If the last strip wasn't essentially the same joke as the original, I thought another good gag would have Agent Black saying, after "Frankly I'm surprised", "No, I mean I'm surprised that they've been standing there running their mouths for the last 3 hours." I guess Bellsprout'll say "Yeah. It's actually kind of mesmerizing", but the fact is Rina and Bulba seem to do this a lot. Poor Nidorina has no other girlfriends, so she's gotta talk to someone. :C

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