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There are several Nido characters on Aqua Bunny coming from different worlds and series, here's where you can learn more about them.

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Name: Lisa Berkley
Series: Diary of a Gamer Girl
Alias: Lis (not really an alias, but...)
Age: 16
Likes: Video games, comics and cartoons (east and west), internet, geek bait movies
Dislikes: School, those who best her high scores
Ninjas or pirates? Please. Pirates.

Lisa is pretty socially inept, and a bit of an outcast at her school. This, on top of her lack of enthusiasm in her classes keeps her from finding much enjoyment out of going to school, but she doesn’t really let these things bother her. If you don’t know her, she tends to keep to herself. Lisa is a comic geek and a gamer. She spends a lot of time online, and has a rather firm grasp of the its subculture. Her friend Tuff (who she came to know by being one of the few other people in her school to like the same things) is an otaku, being more into anime and manga, as well as being a grammar nazi and perfectionist. Lisa’s favorite hang out spot, though, is any arcade with competitive or score based games. She becomes a whole different, less shy person when playing these games, and will proclaim to hand anyone’s butt to them on a platter. It's best to keep her away from games with leaderboards, as she will not quit until she is at top rank. She's also skilled at UFO catchers. She hopes to become a character designer or concept artist for a video game company in her future.


Name: Riri
Series: Pokemon: Chibi's Corner
Alias: None
Age: 10
Likes: Bunny, having fun
Dislikes: The darker side of life, losing Bunny
Her fantasy: To become queen of a toy kingdom, akin to Wonderland.

Riri lives on BaBeat, a heart shaped, sometimes sentient planet where the world therein abides only by the laws of "inconsistency" and "anything goes". On BaBeat, all things cute and cheerful are typically in appearance only. Riri is seemingly sheltered and therefore naïve, but this also happens to be her saving grace. BaBeat is a very bizarre place to be, and because she doesn’t usually take note of the “natural” occurances or the many other chibis reckless behavior, she tends to remain one of the few saner characters. She is highly imaginative, though, and tends to drift in and out of her own world. She loves to play with toys. Bunny, her stuffed rabbit, is her favorite doll that she hasn’t quite grown away from. She tends to take offense to anyone who puts down Bunny. Her best friend is also her cousin, Rey, and together, they have lots of fun and good times, and may even unknowingly add to the worldwide ruckus!


Name: Diana
Series: Poke Island Series
Alias: None
Age: 1
Likes: Pikachu doll, balloons, Mommy, Needles
Dislikes: Nothing yet
Amazing ability: Sense of direction

Thrilled with the joy a biological child could bring, and with plenty more love to give, Nidorina would soon conceive and birth Diana, the second born and first daughter of Nidorino's family.

Diana is ultimately the sweetest baby in the series. She is very even tempered and hardly ever makes a fuss, or even a sound. She can be compared to a kitten, she'll sneak up on you by surprise, but partake in oh-so cute behaviors while keeping the same curious expression. She also tends to mimic the actions of people close to her, even though she has no idea what she's doing. She loves her brother Needles a lot, and looks up to him. When Nidorina lavished more attention on Diana after she was born, Needles grew resentful of Diana, but eventually warmed up to his sister once he realized just how tender hearted she is, because no matter how much he shunned her, Diana never harbored ill feelings and still thought the world of Needles. Once aware, Nidorina promised never to get carried away with one child and forget the needs of any of her children again.


Name: Angelina
Series: Carmela: ¡Alcance Las Estrellas!
Alias: None
Age: 19
Likes: Chili powder mango candy, unity & family, folk stories
Dislikes: Feeling betrayed, being alone
Most Likely to Become: Storyteller or historian

Angelina is Carmela's childhood friend. There's a lot of tough love between them, much like frank but caring sisters. They have plenty of disagreements and may often call each other out of name, but they could never stay mad at each other. Angelina, like many others, has been beaten down by urban decay and social economic problems to the point of accepting it as normal, but believes in the strength of a united front. Because of this, along with being taught the importance of family growing up, Angelina still holds very tight bonds with family members, going out of her way to care for them if the need arises. She also believes that no single person is an island and actively protests against those with a loner mentality. She also has a habit of living in her childhood every now and then. The realities of life are easier to bear when you're a child. She's very detail oriented and has a very good memory, being able to recall events and stories that were told to her. She often recites fables as a way to get people to think about what they're doing.


Name: Nidoran
Series: Poke Island Series
Alias: None
Age: 27
Likes: Baking, reading, decorating
Dislikes: Rumors
Personality Flaw: Worrywart

Nidoran is the very first character of Poke Tales, the second of the Poke Island trilogy.

Although educated, she tends to let what others think get to her, regardless of their social status. Because of the traditions of Nidoran kind, she almost believed she would not find a mate. Having fallen in love with Nidoran (male), they soon married, and she has lived a rather simple but fulfilling life. She later took an interest in a career as an interior decorator.


Name: Nidoran
Series: Poke Island Series
Alias: None
Age: 27
Likes: Adventure
Dislikes: Too much danger
Weakness: Nidoran's apple pie

While other male Nidoran lived with the old Nidoran traditions infused into their minds, this fellow ignored it outright. Nidoran is a bit soft spoken, but he's very adventurous. The promise of treasure at the end of a great quest fills him with glee. However, he's still a timid creature like the rest of his kind, and hates anything too dangerous.

When the time calls for it, he'll do whatever it takes to protect his wife and only child, Nidoran and Dot.

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Name: Nidorina
Series: Poke Island Series
Alias: Nidorie, Bun-Bun, Mama
Age: 30
Likes: Kids, food, cooking, Nidorino
Dislikes: Cruelty, filth, aliens
Thing she wants to improve: Her singing

Emotionally and mentally damaged, Nidorina grew up believing no one could be trusted. Butterfree was able to reach out to her, beginning her slow change into living symbiotically with others instead of against them. At first, she made a lot of knee-jerk choices that would create rifts with her newly wed husband. Eventually, she matured in her state of mind, learning the strength of love and forgiveness, ensuring her stability. Her turnaround is an inspiration to everyone. Since then, she has become a fun loving, light-hearted woman, although she can be immature and naive. Because Nidorino was the only one to show affection when she was at her weakest state, Nidorina loves him to a fault, fantasizing about him often.

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Name: Nidorino
Series: Poke Island Series
Alias: Rinie
Age: 32
Likes: Being successful, family
Dislikes: Disappointment or to disappoint, housekeeping
Jealous Because: Kids love mother moreso

Nidorino was a gentle care free spirit… until he got married. Having to provide for a wife he barely knew, and sooner still for an Eevee he didn’t ask for, Nidorino was forced to become a working stiff. Fearing that he might fail as a provider, Nidorino became obsessed with his job. Though the intentions were well, this made him neglectful. Moreso, it took a long time for Nidorino to bury any resentments he had for his wife for all her choices during her rehabilitation. He still loved her, but he was distant. Years and experiences pass, and today, Nidorino, with the help of Nidorina, has once again become the care free spirit he once was, as well as a loving father and husband who is more in tune with his family's needs. Much to Nidorina's elation, the couple's relationship is a lot more romantic.


Name: Dot
Series: Poke Island Series
Alias: None
Age: 3
Likes: Talking, sweets
Dislikes: Being ignored
Number of Spots: 19

Dot is the first Nidoran baby of the series, but strangely the only one from Nidoran’s family, despite being rabbits.

Being first born in the Poke Forest gave her an inferiority complex when Needles was born later. Being the top baby as it were, she would bully Needles, despite the fact that she was also glad to know there was a playmate. It was really a love-hate relationship she had with him. When Dot grew up, though, she no longer bullied Needles and found love in her new ability to finally talk instead. She becomes quite the gabber, although hard to understand, and likes to hear herself talk. Nidoran and his wife encourage her ability to speak by reading to her and teaching her new words, but having a constantly talking child does cut in on any peaceful moments to couple may have.


Name: Needles
Series: Poke Island Series
Alias: None
Age: 2
Likes: Sweets, mealtimes, Mommy
Dislikes: Yucky food, being away from Mommy
Genetic Traits: Mostly from mother's side

Needles, a blessing in disguise, is one of the single most important things to happen to Nidorino and Nidorina, bringing the couple closer together. A baby was meant to be a gift for Nidorina, since she yearned so much for motherhood.

Needles is the apple that fell directly under the tree. He lacks any aggressive personality, coming from both his mother and father's atypical meekness. He's also adorable, getting his looks from two cute parents. But, he mostly takes after his mother, being chubby even for a baby. He has a very strong attachment to his mother, effectively being a momma's boy, but it's too early in his life for that to be a real problem yet. Despite this, he's still the pride and joy of Nidorino, who wishes to be closer to his first born son. He can't yet speak very well, talking with few words strung together, and he tags along with Eevee and Totodile, making for a mischevious trio of knucklehead boys.


Name: Nidorina
Series: Alternate Universe
Alias: Nido-san
Age: 25
Likes: Athletics, dancing, B-movies
Dislikes: Lack of morals/virtues/etc, Bellie
Phobia: Huge and/or creepy insects

Born in Montana, she lived her life as the eldest sibling to a large liter of Nidoran, caring for them when her parents were away. Nidorina is very responsible, and very defensive of loved ones. Naturally, this makes her a caretaker. Growing up, she attended all manner of self defense and disciplinary classes, so that she could further protect her brothers and sisters. Once everyone was old enough, she joined the U.S. Army, although she was treated as a guard pet. From there, she joined the Secret Service. After a forced relocation, she now lives in Dream Land, on the planet Pop Star. She's the typical "girl next door" archetype, except not very girly, and prefers boys for friends. She's into sports and the like, but she's still sensitive and can be catty, with emotions sometimes getting the best of her. She sticks by her code of honor and tries to always do the right thing. Like a Nidorina of a different series, she naturally loves children, and looks forward to marriage, should it ever occur.


Name: Nidorino
Series: Alternate Universe
Alias: Nidorino3232, Master Nidorino
Age: 22
Likes: Nido females, lucky breaks, sleep
Dislikes: Work, bad luck, uppity people, disappointing Nidorina
Net Worth: 17 cents

Nidorino isn't very self reliant. He suffers from both a lack of self esteem and follow through. He felt that being captured by Kine was neat because he had other strong Pokemon, on top of the free room and board. At first he assisted Kine with scientifical studies, but he started to slack. He only looks like he has it easy, but he's rather unlucky and is too domesticated to live on his own. Failing at almost everything lowers his morale. This also makes him afraid of the future, so he lives childishly in the present. Despite being naughty, he actually isn't dirty so much as curious about the opposite sex (which makes him immature about it), furthering his man-boy mentality. His fear in failing to be sufficent to "Nido-san" keeps him from proposal. Despite his flaws, he does his best and can be really determined if he sets his mind to something.


Name: Charlotte
Series: Alternate Universe
Alias: Seven, Lottie
Age: 1 (appears about 15-16)
Likes: Anything that intrigues her, love, science, supernatural
Dislikes: Anything bad, mistreatment, science, supernatural
Favorite Toy: Plasma lamp

Seven was created as an unassuming test experiment for what was to be Omega, a creature of judgment. Seven's fate, in the event Omega could not be created, was to become an "Angel of Judgment" herself. Although submissive and incapable of retaliation, the extremists forgot that as a newborn creature, she needed a nurturing love. She became attached to the first person to show kindness, Kine himself. Since, she was given the name Charlotte, but was treated intially as a destructive monster, seeing as she still had the mind of an obedient puppet without free will. As time passed, and through interaction with others, it helped mold her into an individual with a mind of her own. Like an infant, everything grabs her attention, and she learns to develop with each new experience. She's also very infantile in demenor. Charlotte can not age physically.


Name: Carmela
Series: Carmela: ¡Alcance Las Estrellas!
Alias: None
Age: 19
Likes: Jewelry, besting everybody, dancing
Dislikes: Being weaker than anyone, being alone
Favorite Color: Purple taupe

As a product of a child living a hard life, Carmela has developed a rather rough and ready demenor. As a child, Carmela had bigger dreams, but they kept getting crushed by the harsh reality of her situation. Although a brawler and an instigator, Carmela has a good side. She still wanted to lead by example, and be able to rise above being another statistic. The altruistic deeds of the local rescue teams seemed like a perfect opportunity to essentially, prove everyone who doubted her wrong.

Outside of Team Epsilon, Carmela likes treasure hunting, even if this is via the Home Shopping Network. She's very competitive and likes to get into dancing and fighting tourneys. She's semi-muscular, but refuses to drastically change the natural figure she fell in love with when she evolved. Like every other Nidorina, she too has a softness for children, perhaps because she admires their innocence. She also speaks with a sharp tounge and generally says whatever she wants.


Name: Chibi-Chibi
Series: ...everywhere?
Alias: None
Age: ?
Likes: When others are happy or succeeding, bubbles
Dislikes: When others are upset
Fun fact: Chibi-Chibi weighs no more than a pillow or stuffed animal.

A chibi-chibi is represented as a generic, super deformed Pokemon, and any Pokemon can be one. On Aqua Bunny, a chibi-chibi Nidorina can be seen every now and then. She seems to be very cheerful, and would like to play with those who stop by. She spends a lot of her presence in Aqua Bunny’s games, (almost all of them, in fact) where you can interact with her directly, or she can cheer you on towards a goal. I wonder where will she appear next?


Name: Rey
Series: Pokemon: Chibi's Corner
Alias: None
Age: 10
Likes: Games, having fun, thrill rides
Dislikes: Chores, cheeky or affectionate girls
Overreactions: Losing board games, and if you’re a girl, just you try to kiss him.

Rey is a hyper boy, and the cousin of Riri. Riri also happens to be Rey’s best friend, and one of the few girls he tends to be comfortable around. A mixture of shyness and immaturity keeps him from becoming too close to other females, however. Rey also has a sheltered naivety, but not to the same extent as Riri. Both of them live close to each other in Dokio, a wide-area county where many of the series regulars reside. Some of the local boys always seem to show up just when something blows up in Rey’s face, which doesn’t do much for his pride. You see, Rey’s the type of kid who wants to keep a cool image. He doesn’t exactly understand what being cool is, but he’s not above being a poser every now and then. He’ll try things from skateboarding to starting a band, but never really follow through with them. Rey’s a big fan of amusement parks, and the more heart racing the ride, the better.

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