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Obvious facts, supporting evidence, a Japanese agreement, it's pretty much down to a T, or as close as we're going to get. Now that that's solved, one may ask "then why do people say they they could have scales or skin instead of hairs?" The best answer I can give you (which I'm confidently sure is not too far off) is because either the horns/spikes seem jarring to have on a fuzzy creature (until you consider the porcupine or hedgehog, for example, then spikes aren't all that abstract), or, sadly, because Nidos are too "hardcore" to have come from cute little rabbits.

Can I be real for a minute? Let's not even dance around this one, everyone knows the common majority of people who love Nidos really mean the final forms (and they'll admit it, too). This may create a problem in perception, depending on who you talk to. Essentially, the foundation of Nidos for some reason starts from the top down, instead of the bottom up, and instead you get rabbit like dragons instead of dragon like rabbits. Nevermind the fact that every last form retains floppy ears (recheck the stadium videos), or features similar to other mammals (rhinos, primates, the appearance of...*ahem* assests on Nidoqueen), or had started as a mammal to begin with, Nidos are dinosaurs because "dinosaurs are cool"! Still in 3rd grade, are we? Pokemon originated in Japan. Japan has a cultural acceptance and use for things that are cute. Everything from advertising to road signs. Not making this up. Almost every basic stage Pokemon is meant to be cute. If you're avoiding this fact because you grew up with the western ideology of "cute = sissy", it's automatically biased. Even I know when to get real about things I like. It's all about having an objective viewpoint. I can't stress this enough.

baragon"So are the evolutions mammals too?" Not entirely. The evolved Nidos are mixed further with other animals, mind. So it's very true that they do acquire reptilian or dragon/dinosaur characteristics along with other mammals. In fact, Nidorino and Nidoking seem to be inspired by Baragon, pictured left. The thing is, though, unlike Remoraid who changes from a vertibrate to an invertibrate with no trace of its former traits, you can clearly see that each Nido is a step up from the last with additions, rather than a new animal altogether. Nidoran have hair, but the final stages have scales. So what does the middle stage have? All things considered, nothing is stated or shown explictly, although a licensed (though non authorative) product has mentioned the possibility of shedding. But, take this into account; Nidorino and Nidorina's joints for their limbs resemble that of a rhinoceros. A rhinoceros has a small amount of short hairs on it's body, which would require you were to get up close and touch one to notice (unless it's a Sumatran rhino, which are fuzzier than other species). Even with rhino (and other) parts, Nidorina and Nidorino are still based on rabbits, and nothing states otherwise about body type changing until the final stage. At the least, the middle stages' skin gets tougher, and loses a large portion of its former coat. However, assuming poison quills to the touch are still in effect and covered all over (which is possibly alluded to anyway), at the most, they still get thicker hides but also have very short quills/hairs compared to Nidoran, whose were already short. One thing of note is that Nidorino, unlike the other Nidos, has "ear fuzz", a trait only found in typically fuzzy Pokemon (and I checked every Pokemon). Either way, by association the middle stages still have hair, just not as much. The only unclear thing is just how little is "not as much".


So there it is. Now you know what Nidorans are, or are related to, without question. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Shoot, tell everybody. Let's get this cleared up already so no one starts topics about non issues like this anymore. If anybody wants to debate me on this, I honestly welcome it, but please, do some research because "I have a hunch" ain't gonna cut it. I didn't spend five html pages on a "hunch". Also, if you've also ever wondered why some of my characters have obvious hair styles, well, it's because I've already known this information several years ago. Technically it's really difficult to style thin, short hairs, but here we are.


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