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Nidoran Classification
(or the closest you'll get)

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One thing I'll never be able to understand is why people overanalyze things to the point of it becoming incredibly farfetched, with no one even remembering what it was they were analyzing. It's like a string of lies, it becomes hard to cover one tracks when they don't even know what they're talking about. Now, I'm not trying to equate misconceptions with lies, but I've heard some really ridiculous things. An example actually pertains to one of our star Pokemon here, Nidoran. I've read some discussions about what people even think Nidoran's skin type is, and can you believe this goes on for pages? Why? It's like the whole breeding thing. Why does the obvious go over so many heads? I've read people responding that they think Nidoran have scales. Scales? Does anybody think about what they write before they write it anymore (given all the written diarrhea on Twitter that becomes someone's incriminating evidence seconds later...)?

I should tell you now that I am one of those people who can make observations by looking to the simplest and most obvious conclusion. More often than not, designers of anything don't spend a whole lot of time conceptualizing what they want as a basis, but how they want it designed, and how to make it unique. Think about company logos. But this isn't about graphic design. This is about bringing people who are totally in the dark about Nidos out of it, and while I can't guarantee you'll be at the light at the end of the tunnel, I can assure you you'll have better knowledge.

So then, if I know so much, then what are Nidoran? Short answer? Mammals.

Yes, that's right. Not lizards or dinosaurs but mammals (believe it or not, some people have to be told this!). Keep in mind I said Nidoran and not Nido family. Most people would agree, I mean, look at it! However, some people need convincing. I'm not one to spout stuff without doing a whole lot of research, so I made sure I could back up this claim. Do you know why Nidoran is mammal? I'll give you a hint. It's the most obvious, almost prominent feature, and yet it gets overlooked and taken for granted. Give up? You may want to make sure you're sitting down for this bombshell.

WHOA. Whiskers? How'd I miss THAT?

Vibrissae. Whiskers. What people pass off as a design aesthetic, if even that, is all the evidence you need. Vibrissae is common to mammals, but can also be found near the beak of birds, the mouth of flies and on carnivorous plants. Nidoran looks nothing like a bird, bug, or plant, so it's safe to assume the remaining option is the correct one.

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