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Aqua Bunny ~ 2013 and the Day After

I know I do this every (other) year, but I'm looking for some input about Aqua Bunny. This time, though, it's a little more dynamic and somewhat more important. Instead of asking for suggestions about additions or changes, I'm thinking about Aqua Bunny going forward. The problem I'm noticing more and more, and is clearly evident, is that for a Pokemon site on Nidos, content updates have very little to do with the franchise. Part of this has to do with the niche-ness of the site and the family of creatures themselves being rock-bottom low priority to whichever company has the actual rights to them. Can't share what they aren't giving, right?

But most of that falls on me. The fact of the matter is, I can't even recall if I've personally added anything that generally benefits or promotes the franchise. Perhaps I have earlier in the year, but the reality is that I'm drifting/have drifted away from a Pokemon as a franchise mindset in favor of a Pokemon as characters mindset. It probably won't be long until Aqua Bunny becomes The AU Show if left to my own devices.

If you're not new to the site and are not distracted by the articles and technical documents (which are pretty much just that, distractions), you really know that Aqua Bunny's a site about game references, cultural references, some cool artsy projects here and there and Pokemon. Hey! Sounds just like your typical twenty-something's site! And heck, that's what it IS, technically. And I actually like that, really, and wouldn't have a problem just doing that. I think exploring characters, and ones people can actually say "yeah, I've been there, man" with is fun on a bun.

But I dunno if that's really "Aqua Bunny", which is first and foremost a site for Nido information and a creative input for all. It really shouldn't skew too far in one direction that goes against the mission statement. But just how in the world does one go about doing that, especially if that one person is no longer invested in the series proper?



That's where YOU all come in. This is a chance to seriously have an effect on Aqua Bunny's future, unless you don't mind staring down Kine and his gaggle of goofs on a daily basis. So what I want to know is, what do you think I should do, and what steps should be taken? Not only that, but what can YOU do? Aqua Bunny is still a community effort (that hasn't changed, guys) that I just happen to prioritize enough to keep it afloat on my own. But when that happens, it's going to become biased.

Some things to think about...

...such as expansion. I've just started a Twitter, and the Tumblr group's going pretty well. But what about others? Should Aqua Bunny be available on more networks? Also, be reasonable in considerations. For example, don't suggest Facebook because we all know AB'll never get more than 3 people to join it (myself probably not included), unless we've got someone who can broadcast giveaways like every single day.

More social networks means more management! Consider the possibility of volunteers for that side of things (you certainly don't want me doing it, I complain just having to update Tumblr).

For my Tumblr folks, the archive gallery is going to continue until is runs dry, which it's got another year for. But after that, what's next? The current gallery? Current gallery + photos? Take the tumblr into a whole other direction? Perhaps, a satellite site for other things (I dunno, like stupid drawing challenges like draw Nidorina blind in 30 seconds. Note that I would NOT just make this Nido exclusive, but it would have to remain Pokemon centric).

Also to my Tumblr saavy people, should there be more than one to serve for different purposes? Keep the gallery and do something else? And what would that something else be that could be an asset to the site (and not a liability)? Provide examples (links)!

Or do you think the Almost Daily Gallery's pretty much it?

Should Aqua Bunny just become a parody site where nothing is taken seriously anymore?

Should it be steered back on track to being all about real Nido stuff (you're going to have to do some serious leg work to pitch this one. I mean, outside of buying out all the Pokemon cards...)?

Got a "might as well, anyway" mindset? Should AB flip position, and just be fun stuff at the forefront with the "important" stuff tucked away in some link that happens to be the same color as the background?

Does Aqua Bunny even need to be a Nido site anymore? Still within the realm of Pokemon, should it open up? But be wary, how would it set itself apart from other sites if it becomes just another all encompasing Pokemon fansite? Aha, see, now you know the stuff I have to consider. In theory it could be "Pokemon for pretentious cool people" or something weird like that, but isn't that what every f-yeah tumblr blog already is?

Should Aqua Bunny split up into a different site, or different sites?

Should I aim for a different demographic? Younger? Older? I mean, I don't even know what mine is! As it stands, AB's target is unisex, all ages with a slight skew to late teens/twenties and/or females (it's just the way it goes). That's inferred from the material as of late, but I don't know what the statistics are.

Should AB go conservative and become a site about the Pokemon franchise, no more, no less? Or do you like the devil-may-care "Pokemon as expies for everything" aura the site already has and embraces? Basically, how serious are you about the Pokemon franchise, and are you looking for a proper representation?

Is everything for the most part fine the way it is, or do you feel so strongly for the cause of Nidos that you darest not make a single adjustment to your beloved time waster?

Does any of this really even matter to you, and you personally don't care what happens as long as I'm involved somewhere (I've got some of you, you all know who you are. I'm cool with that just because of your loyalty)?


Whew, that's a lot to think about!


I want Aqua Bunny to be as fun and fair for everyone as it can be. I have no problem exploring new avenues, but I really need a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas. I would love to make changes (if they're full on layout changes, I need a graphic designer who actually LIKES graphic design to assist in that), or if not changes, I need to at least feel like I'm not usurping this. I feel kind of bad about that, but I can't help what I like doing.

There's no such thing as a right or wrong suggestion, or heck, right or wrong initiative. If you are for some odd reason in love with this site, make a satellite site and go nuts (with my permission, my GOD please don't make derivatives). If you want to see it becoming just a straight up fan centric creative input site (with easier ways of allowing that), suggest it. But do not suggest uploading found artwork. That's still considered illegal around these parts. If it wasn't uploaded by the author or without the authors proven consent, straight to the gallows. No naughty business, either. I like putting realism in characters, but there's a point where stuff gets TOO real.


Lay it on me, guys. You have the floor in deciding where to go from here. I'm taking silence as indifference, though, so don't complain if you don't like how things end up in the future (I just know you'll love a screenplay for "The Hairdresser of Everytown, Anywhere"). It's like voting. If you don't vote, I'm gonna just tell you to grin and bear the outcomes. :)


This site has plenty of ways to contact me. Like Twitter? Use that. Like Tumblr? You can send me messages there, too. Is email your communication method of choice? Get on it, brah. You know where this stuff is (bottom of every page, or the mail submit page :P). Make your voices heard, I want to make this site something for everyone... unless there's too many ideas. You'll never get this scenario:

So you want a realistic down-to-earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots?

Check it. For the super lazy in us all, you won't even have to get up.

email. patkdeb [at] gmail [.] com

twitter. twitter.com/NidosAquaBunny

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