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About Aqua Bunny | For the Whole Nido Family | Why Nidorina? | A Family Site | History

Despite Nidorina being my favorite and the overall representation of the site, Aqua Bunny is really a site for the entire Nido lineage. Nidoran male, female, Nidorino, Nidoqueen and Nidoking all have a home here, this site leaves no one out.

Clearly, Nidoran is harder to draw than Charizard, hence the liberal use of the stock poses.Too often, Nido Pokemon are low priority. In earlier games, people may have played with them for a while, but when they become “useless”, they’re stored away. Many people don’t give them a second thought outside of the game. If people have to draw them, say for a marathon, people rush it, and you may even see such comments regarding "getting it over with". Even the official artists have Nido Indifference Syndrome. How much longer must they be treated to the same pose? Why is it that their Pokedex information is always the same, just reworded each time? It’s as though whoever’s writing the information on the Nidos is seriously thinking “skip this, I can’t be bothered”, and doesn’t even try to make up anything new.

Not that Nidoking needs a Rolls-Royce anyway...If Nidos recieved any attention at all, "I love Nidos" usually translated to "I love Nidoking", who, let's not beat around the bush, is the most popular outside this site or before this site was created. But even with the treatment he recieved, it was still minimal compared to the grand total of the rest of the Pokemon (excluding those even less popular than Nidos). While Nidorina skews the Nido perspective here, the overall goal is that each of them should be treated with a fair amount of respect.

I know there are Nido fans, no matter how few. And this kind of treatment leaves a lot to be desired. When you see others who don’t bother to inspire, you either do one of two things. The leadership types of individuals will take action and try to change things around. Then there are passive followers, who may just live with the rut. Realistically, It’s just the way people are. Fortunately, I’m the former.

For these reasons, Aqua Bunny comes into play. A site where the entire Nido family takes center stage. Aqua Bunny has inspired others in it’s lifetime so see things differently, not only for the Nidos, but even for themselves. It is a goal of mine to make Aqua Bunny even greater. Regardless of how obscure, I want Aqua Bunny to possibly become the most dedicated single family Pokemon Shrine this site of the internet, if not the largest and/or best Nido site ever created. Nothing’s impossible.

If you are sincerly interested in these creatures, show some support for this web site. With everyone's contributions, this can become the definitive site for all things Nido, creatively and factually!


  Established December 13, 2006
Revised August 31, 2009
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